The XX 
Singapore, 2013 

The XX 

Singapore, 2013 

Under My Umbrella


If you have not been to Sauce at Esplanade lately, well maybe you would like to! It’s revamped look is pretty funky with umbrellas hanging down at the alfresco area with bold prints and colours indoor. Still staying true to their pop nature I would say. 

Having been back only recently, I cannot say for sure that I know what they had on their usual menu but their new one has a pretty interesting concept. You get to customise your own meatballs! There are so many sauces to choose from! You can even have it with pasta if you want! 


If you’re not the meatball type, fear not for there’re other options ranging from Quesadillas to Salads. You’ll be spoilt for choices here. 

Oh and don’t leave without having a punch before you go. My personal choice is the Hendrick’s Punch ;)

A little birdie says have a great time even if it’s a weekday!

Welcome To The Silent Game



It has been a while since the girls and I last had such a good laugh over coffee, tea and some sweet treats!

Firstly, who enters a place having the entire cafe going silent and look at them like some idiots who disrupted the perfectly peaceful atmosphere?! Secondly, one of us just had to go ‘where’re we where’re we?’ at the top of her lungs (haha I love you babe). Thirdly, well, I guess the crowd was probably playing a silent game. I’m not even kidding, there were gaps of SILENCE in the cafe. My girls and I just couldn’t help but started this Silent Game as well. 

Rule #1: Speak really loud so the whole place can hear you when there’s an awkward silence. 
Rule #2: Continue laughing loudly even when the entire cafe knows you are really loud.
Rule #3: Invite that dude from the table next to you to join in. (Y)

That aside, we really loved the desserts at ReStore Cafe! Had the Dark Chocolate Tart that was topped with fresh cream and berries, & the Berry Good Waffles that comes with really soft and fluffy waffles, fresh mixed berries, vanilla ice cream (optional) and maple syrup! (Yes, it’s called Berry Good Waffles and my bestie laughed hysterically thinking that I was being super cheesy for coming up with a pun when I said “let’s get the Berry Good Waffles”.)

Thank you to the nicest people from ReStore Cafe for being such great host to us noisy kids and for the Birthday Cake for our dear friend! (: 

A little birdie felt inspired to write again tonight with some encouraging words from the awesome company (: thanks girls xx #wenthomewithahappybellytoo 


Amazing coconut ice cream to beat the insane heat in BKK. You get to choose any three toppings from a range of old school delights including ah-ta-chis, nata de coco & chen doh! Oh not forgetting they actually scrape out the coconut flesh and poured the juice into a nice plastic cup for ease of consumption. (Y) 

A lil birdie needs to go back to thailand.

World of Potatoes!

One of the last few cafes that I’ve visited for some good Aussie brunch - Mad Spuds Cafe!

This place spells all things potato, at least 85% of the menu incorporated some form of potato in it. We had the Boxty (traditional irish potato pancake with mustard, crispy bacon, spiced white sausage, avocado stacked and topped with a fried egg along w apple puree), Spud Meat BallsPotato Nachos (crispy spud skins with spiced beef & avocado sour cream) and Italian Hot Chocolate (beware: it’s damn thick)! 

A lil birdie misses Sydney.

Just received an email with well wishes from Tumblr today - ‘A Little Birdie Says Turned 2 Today!’ with a Candle on a Cupcake. How perfect!

I didn’t even realised that it has been two years since I started this blog. A Little Birdies Says was an intent to pen down my journey away from home. As the two years went by, I realised half (or more than half) the blog is filled with food posts. No surprises there.

Well, two years have passed and now, I find myself entering a new chapter. Honestly, it scares me for what is to come feel so uncertain. Yet I know it’s going to be an amazing ride ahead. 

While embracing the life ahead, I’m grateful for everything that I’ve been through in Sydney. Grateful for the people I’ve met, of which some became close friends, some left and for some, it feels like we became a small family away from home. Grateful for all the friends who stayed though we are miles apart. Grateful for the one super woman who made everything possible, my dearest mother (I’m coming home to you real soon.). Grateful for all the good times and bad, for I’ve grown to become a better and stronger person. 

This little space will continue to bring you more food yummies and nature wonders from travels across the globe (whenever possible). I’m certainly grateful for those who drop by this space too.

So..I’m going to share some of my favourite macaron places in Australia:

Cre Asion (in Sydney) - known for its Green Tea Cappuccino & Japanese influenced macaron flavours! [Green Tea, Lychee Raspberry, Thai Milk Tea, Truffle, and many more]

Baroque Patisserie (in Sydney) - my personal favourite. It does not have as wide a selection as Cre Asion or Zumbo but its macarons are amazing. I simply cannot resist the Rose Water macaron, or the Pistachio one. If you ever head there, do go for the Creme Brulee, trust me you will want to try this. It comes with pistachio ice cream too.

La Belle Miette (in Melbourne) - My fave in Melbourne. Such a pretty little place at Hardware Lane that serves some of the best macarons I ever had. Ranging from the classics such as Salted Caramel to the new experimental ones, Moet et Chandon & Blackcurrant. 

A little birdies says it’s been a while since I wrote on a more personal level but well, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll keep on coming back for more posts on food treats. ;) Life is sweet.

Of colours & flowers through my tiny lens. 

A lil birdie being experimental.


I’ve always been a fan of places with breath taking views of the world. Burnt Orange is one of the few that I truly like. Out in the middle of nowhere, there is a little vintage looking house with an amazing cafe. Great food and great coffee. 

From the top:
Breakfast Bruschetta [Tomatoes & Avocado Salsa w Bacon & Poached Egg on Sourdough Toast - My fave of the day!] | Baked Eggs & Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Bread | Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon & Maple Syrup

A lil birdie loves a HUGE brekkie. 

This may just be one of my favourite dessert places in Sydney! Baroque Bistro always amaze me from time to time. 

A little birdie says coffee & dessert are some of the best things in life. #embracelittlethings

Such serenity, with calm waters and blue sky. 

Sipping on a cup of warm latte while the cool breeze passes by. 

A lil birdie says.. oh what a day.. xx