PINK COFFEE @ Tian Kee & Co.

We love coffee breaks and this week we found a hidden spot with so much essence! Tian Kee & Co. used to be a 54 years old mamak shop (provision shop). Today, it houses an Artisan Cafe that translate old school deli such as Bandung to an Iced Pink Lady (a healthier and tastier adaptation of the former). I’m one who survives solely on coffee, so if you’re like me then Iced Snag is for you! It’s filled with fresh milk, double ristretto shots & a hint of rose. Starbucks would so call it Iced Rose Latte. (;

imageWhile here, you might want to grab a cupcake or two! I had the Banana Chocolate one and it was so so so good. The Chicken Pie was so delish too! 

imageGreat job Tian Kee & Co. for the first month of opening, keep it up! Looking forward to my next visit! 

P.S The folks here are so friendly! 


Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk has three different dining & drinking spaces all packed in one single building at Keong Saik Road. At Three Buns these are some really awesome treats you’ll be in for:

Baby Huey, the leading burger at Potato Head Folk, packed with a prime 150g beef patty, cheese, lettuce, house made ‘Notorious T.O.M. Sauce’, pickles & spiced mayo! 

Oh please do add some Naughty Fries too ;) 

A little birdie says: can’t wait to return to check out The Rooftop at Potato Head Folk. x

There is always something to be grateful for.

On Board The Sushi Airways






Possibly the best ‘airline’ I know, serving super yummy Maki & Sushi Rolls. Best on the table, Double Salmon Maki (Fresh raw salmon sushi wrapped within the roll, topped with more fresh salmon slices & deep fried salmon skin), they should just name it The Ultimate Salmon Maki. 

Second fave was the Mango Lobster Maki (Mango & Lobster, need I say more?). Have the whole thing in one bite and you will have a massive explosion of flavours going on.

The Udon was alright but the Don stuff are pretty legit. 

A little birdie says..You don’t wanna miss this ‘flight’!

Favourite quote since 2013#attempt at playing with fonts (one font actually) &because it is Friday. xx alittlebirdie

Favourite quote since 2013
#attempt at playing with fonts (one font actually) 
because it is Friday. 
xx alittlebirdie

Days when I feel like hitting the sandy beaches with clear waters but I can’t? I put these together. 

Days when I feel like hitting the sandy beaches with clear waters but I can’t? I put these together. 

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Coffee shots on mah Instagram

Can’t live without these cuppas. 

@CAD Cafe [Tiny but cosy corner at Haji lane with unique creative pieces placed around the tight space.]

@Rokeby [Isolated within the private residential area at Serangoon, along with Wimbly Lu and Cajun Kings, sits Rokeby, an Australia inspired cafe that serves brunch in the day and a nice place to chill at night with some ice cold aussie beers.]

@Artistry[Do I need to say more? Just look at their entrance / exit signs when you’re at this art gallery coffee space sipping on a cup of latte while admiring some art pieces.]

@Common Man Coffee Roasters [The place that totally reminds me of the times when I was living in Sydney. The pull pork burger here is totally delish! Oh and fun fact, their bar carries a massive sign above that says ‘Free Coffee & Doughnuts For The Unemployed’. (Y)]

@Chye Seng Huat Hardware [Officially, the best coffee in Singapore ( to me at least). Most would have already known that CSHH is the flagship cafe of Papa Palheta - the roastery. Can’t wait to head back for more!]

@The Bravery [This old-school space with quirky elements indoor (yes, I’m referring to the horse-unicorn-lookalike-statue in the middle of the room) houses a unique blend - Lavender Latte. If you have not had it before, it’s hard to imagine how it tastes like. In any case, it’s quite an acquired taste so you either love it or you know, just stick to your traditional latte.]

A little birdie needs her coffee now. x 

"Film, music, photography, art and stories. These saved my sanity."
Art Installation at Singapore Art Museum as part of the Singapore Biennale 2013 

Art Installation at Singapore Art Museum as part of the Singapore Biennale 2013